About Mr. Skully

Hello, Im Brian or in this case Mr. Skully. My blog is about my everyday activities and all that kind of stuff. Mr. Skully is a character that my brother and I created years ago. I have a job, get paid. I enjoy the simple life, but I know it wont last soon Ill be payin’ bills and taxes. I am usually drawing. My bro and I use 2 differant drawing styles, my bro, Conner uses gore and such to his advatage, but I use smudge, smudge allows me to use one pencil and smudge differant areaas to create the disired effect. 

I also enjoy music either metal or The Beatles either one would be ok. BUT I HATE COUNTRY, I hate country because it is a proven fact that it can cause depression and suicide.

Well I hope you enjoyed reading this. good bye



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